About The Artist Behind the Jewish Dress

Molly Sultan

A native of Alcazarquivir, Morocco, Mrs. Molly Sultan has been living in Montreal for more than 30 years. It is here that she has taken up the challenge of recreating, with meticulous attention to detail with passionate enthusiasm, the Ksuah el K’bira (or Traje de Berberisca, to use the term of the Spanish-speaking Jews of Morocco).

It was only after two years of intensive research in Israel, Spain, and Morocco that Mrs. Sultan was able to successfully recreate, in exacting detail, the various designs of the original Henna dress, designs that she has showcased in numerous cultural events and exhibitions. Without a doubt, her creations are authentic reproductions of the ancient and traditional originals. An art teacher, Mrs. Sultan takes great pleasure in outfitting future brides for their Henna night. Her dresses were sold in Canada, the United States, Israel, and throughout Europe.