Frequently asked question

Q. Why should I invest in a Henna dress?
A. It’s true that people are often reluctant to buy a Henna dress. Nevertheless, such a purchase should be considered as a family investment, for a Henna dress will always be part of your family heritage. Unlike a wedding gown, which is worn only once, a Henna dress is typically worn by every bride-to-be in a family.

Q. Do Henna dresses stay in good condition over the course of time?
A. Yes, absolutely. This is due to the fact that the velvet we use in our dresses is made from 100% cotton. It is also because our Henna dresses are embroidered with thread that does not lose its luster over time, which is not the case with ancient Henna dresses. The latter were embroidered on velvet made from silk, an extremely delicate material that wears out over time. The braids and thread used were actually made from metal, which of course would eventually rust.

Q. Can the Henna dress be cleaned?
A. As opposed to ancient Henna dresses, our dresses can be dry-cleaned by professional cleaners.

Q. How can the Henna dress be fitted to different sizes?
A. The size of the Henna dress is fully adjustable. The skirt is a “wraparound” type, and can be adapted for every size. The jacket is also configured in the same way, and is thus fully adjustable.